This is not meant to be a complete guide to the many birds that can be seen in the Kruger National Park. As with the other pages within this CD, it hopefully will give an idea of the variety of birds that can be seen and encourage the visitor to look a bit further than the "Big Five" (though I do understand why first time visitors want to see these!). See 'spotting wildlife' for a few hints on bird spotting and 'what to take' on binoculars etc.

There are a number of excellent books on birds, many for sale in the Park shops. Some are too trivial to be worthwhile; the following are the ones I use with prices from about 65 rand.

Book Author Comments
Common Birds of the Kruger N.P. Kenneth Newman Excellent small guide which leaves out rare birds which can confuse identification. But no pictures of birds in flight, which are very useful in sorting out birds of prey.
Birds of the Kruger N.P. Kenneth Newman Excellent and complete guide. A useful companion with the 'Common Birds' book. BUT did not seem to be available on our last visit.
Field Guide to the Birds of Southern Africa Ian Sinclair Another excellent and complete guide, using photographs rather than drawings. Very useful if travelling to other parts of South Africa where many different species may be seen
Roberts' Birds of Southern Africa Gordon Maclean The definitive guide to birdlife - but rather heavy as a field guide! Currently the sixth edition is available at a bargain price of 96 rand. Also available on CD ROM, including recordings of many calls and songs.